Video: Stunned kids watch family of bears cool off in their paddling pool & destroy their toys

by Frank Lea | August 22, 2015 11:26 am

A family in New Jersey watched the show of a lifetime as a playful family of bears hop in the pool[1] and innocently destroys their toys.

bears destroy toys in pool[2]The humorous moment was filmed by the family, who watched the chaos unfold from the safety of their home in Rockaway, New Jersey.

The video shows the young bears are quite relaxed at first – they bob around with only their heads above the water and appear to be content.

The best part about this video is when the child says in the cutest voice ever “there’s bears in the pool” and as an adult, you probably don’t ever want to hear that. However, this boy didn’t cry bear wolf and the they watched bears enjoy a hot summer day at the pool. You really can’t be mad at the bears for breaking any toys. It’s no different then an infant accidentally chewing on your TPS reports for work. They don’t know any better. Just enjoy the pure happiness you’re lucky enough to witness.

My neighbor has a pool, but we’re not lucky enough to watch the bears swim. My other neighbor has a jungle. Maybe a family of bears can invade his shed and mow the lawn.

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