MAN WITH PUPPY APPROACHES KID: What Happened Next Will FREAK Parents Out!

by McGuire | May 4, 2015 3:31 pm

My worst fear as a young mother was that I would turn my back for a moment on my baby (and then babies, later) and someone would snatch one or all of them away from me. I literally had nightmares about it, and I obsessed over them at the park and anywhere public. (yes, I am that mom. Don’t judge me.) One man did a social experiment at a park with a beautiful white puppy, and guess what? All of the kids went with him. ALL OF THEM. You have to see this[1]:


This video had my heart pounding and my eyes pretty wide open. Even though I have older teenagers at home, and my ‘baby’ is 11, I have plenty of young nieces and nephews that are playground age. Seeing him take the kids with a puppy was just shocking. Please tell the kids in your life that strangers are not always mystery men in the shadows – sometimes they show up with beautiful white puppies and are as friendly as can be.

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