You May Never Ever Want to Leave Your Dog Alone Again After Watching This Video

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 30, 2014 6:11 pm

This video will just break your heart. It would be better not to know and I don’t think I would ever put a camera on my dog. To me, knowing the dog is so lonely and heartbroken just rips me up inside. The poor puppy is absolutely distraught when his owner leaves. He runs back and forth from door to windows over and over, mewling belatedly. Eventually, he gets up on the bed where he can still sense and smell his best friend. Then he howls and cries for him. The love of a dog knows no bounds and this just made me weep.[1]

From Fox News Insider[2]:

Ever wonder what your dog is up to when you leave your home?

Well, after watching this video, you may never leave your four-legged friend alone again.

YouTube user “Mike the Intern” attached his friend’s GoPro camera to his dog, then left his house to see what his dog does when he leaves.

The video shows the dog waiting at the door, running to the windows, and then jumping on the bed for a good cry.

Man’s best friend would cheerfully go to hell and back for his human. This poor pooch is totally bereft and sad beyond words without his owner. What a heart wrenching thing to watch. There was no one there to console the little one and he eventually just laid down and waited and/or slept. It makes you want to never, ever leave your dog alone again, even though you know you have no choice. This is why we have two cats – to keep each other company. I would probably do that with dogs as well. You would think the world ended for this dog and I guess in his world it did. He sure loves his human.

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