Resourceful seal leaps onto family’s dinghy and avoids killer whales

by Frank Lea | August 23, 2015 6:18 am

Killer whales on a seal hunt were outsmarted by the resourceful seal, as the seal propped itself[1] upon a family’s unsuspecting boat.


‘What’s going to happen if the whales come?’ asks one member of the on-looking American family.

Another adds: ‘They’re looking, they’re just like, where did he go?’

A woman continues: ‘I feel bad for him. Sometimes you root for the whale and sometimes you root for the seal.’

The seal is in the lead, 1-0, vs the killer whales. The only problem is that the seal can’t go home with the family. It must dive back into the sea and make a swim for it. The killer whales are fairly smart predators as who work together skinning and dissecting their prey underwater.

I’d like to know how filling is a single seal split evenly among several killer whales? Is it possible that the killer whales take turns feeding, and continue hunting until all whales have imbibed upon seals? What happens if the killer whale gets a bit frisky with the dinghy and tips it over?

  1. the seal propped itself:
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