This is How to Open a Master Lock with No Key or Special Tools [Watch]

This is How to Open a Master Lock with No Key or Special Tools [Watch]

Most people think that if you have a lock on something, that will be enough to deter thieves from access. This YouTube video shows just how easy it is to bypass that lock – and possibly say goodbye to your valuables:


If you are using a Master Lock to secure your valuables right now, this video will probably make you think twice about your security.

YouTuber bosnianbill uploaded this shocking video in which he opens a Master Lock by simply applying tension and gently tapping it with a hammer. This is a particularly worrisome exploit for two reasons. First, this type of lock is one of the most commonly used in the country. Second, this exploit requires no skill or specialized tools. In fact, you could probably replicate this hack by using a rock instead of a hammer.

Who knew that picking a lock could be so easy?

This is scary. Looks like I need to get to the local hardware store sooner rather than later for an outdoor shed housing my generator and tools, because this is all that stands between my stuff and thieves.

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