True Love! Man Squeezes Out Girlfriend’s Disgusting Cyst

True Love! Man Squeezes Out Girlfriend’s Disgusting Cyst

Even if you don’t like cysts, you have to admit that it takes a certain kind of person to willingly take care of their partner this way.


From The Daily Mail:

You know your boyfriend loves you when he’s willing to pop your cyst.

A disgusting video shows a man squeezing the sore on his girlfriend’s ear…for a full three minutes.

Joseph Adams uploaded the video – his very first – onto YouTube where it has been viewed well over 96,000 times.

It is believed the video was filmed in America.

The girl leans her head down as Adams grapples with the bulging white cyst on the back of her ear lobe.

At first he squeezes and squeezes the repellent pustule but nothing happens.

Eventually a burst of fluid spurts out. But the gruesomeness is not to stop there as a lot pus is left inside.

Over the course of the three minute video repulsive fluid jets out of the hideous cyst at nauseating intervals as the white lump gets smaller and smaller.

Eventually there is no pus left and the unpleasant deed is done.

‘Its soo gross but I can’t stop watching it,’ one online commentator writes.

‘That’s true love,’ another observes.

Watch the video below (if you dare):

We can only hope to find someone who loves us enough to do this for us.

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