[VIDEO] Ann Coulter Hits the Gun Range with Liberals!

[VIDEO] Ann Coulter Hits the Gun Range with Liberals!

You don’t have to agree with a word that comes out of Ann Coulter’s mouth to see in this video that she is a sweetheart and a totally fun person. I want to go shooting with Ann. What a cool chick:


In some ways, Ann Coulter looks like a textbook feminist. Without a husband or a staff position at a major media company, she has created an enormous national brand, writing 11 New York Times bestsellers and selling over three million books. And although the public views her as a bigot, she’s friends with tons of gay guys and black standup comedians. Is she for real, or is she a performance artist who poses as a conservative to make big bucks? Broadly managing editor Mitchell Sunderland went to a gun range with Ann Coulter and her best friends to find out.

Oh my gosh. Such a good way of explaining things. I may not agree with everything Ann says/does, like women should not vote. I’ll keep my vote, thank you. There are lots of women who vote well. Ann, however, is one of those people I really admire for her ability to reach across the aisle and actually TALK to folks.


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