VIDEO: Bully Picks On Kid For His Orange Backpack… Gets Immediate Lesson In Justice

by Scott McKay | January 27, 2016 3:38 pm

What’s so wrong with an orange backpack? Maybe he’s a Broncos fan. They’re in the Super Bowl, y’know.


A sad reality of our world is that there are bullies who thrive on targeting and harassing those they perceive as weak, [2]vulnerable, or otherwise different from them.

However, in targeting their victims, bullies sometimes pick on the wrong person and are delivered an instant dose of justice[3] for their actions.

That’s the case in the following video, believed to have originated in Indonesia, which showed a bully and some friends picking on a young man wearing an orange backpack, according to the U.K. Daily Mail[4].

The bully and his friends followed the boy with the orange backpack for a moment, teasing and threatening him, when the main bully finally approached the boy and began punching him in the head and face.

The would-be victim surprised his assailant though by fighting back, and the two wrestled briefly before becoming separated momentarily by others in the crowd gathering around them.

That only reset the fight though, and the two boys re-engaged each other in battle, throwing punches and grappling back and forth.

And that’s when the butt-kicking began in earnest. The little guy ended up dropping the bully like a stone and then kicked him in the head – hard – to put his lights out.

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