VIDEO: This Bully Probably Thought This Guy Was An Easy Mark. He Was Wrong!

by Scott McKay | April 11, 2016 8:02 pm

We wanted to make sure to start the week off with a good beating-the-stew-out-of-the-school-bully video.

So we’re doing it. Bully breaks kid who looks like Norbit’s phone, kid who looks like Norbit beats bully senseless. Please excuse the awful Twitter language…

NORBIT, Eddie Murphy, 2007. ©DreamWorks/courtesy Everett Collection[1]

NORBIT, Eddie Murphy, 2007. ©DreamWorks/courtesy Everett Collection

Nigga broke his phone for no fuckin reason, Norbit worked that mf[2]

— Crazy Fights™ (@CrazyFightz) April 9, 2016[3]

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