VIDEO: Dad Uses DRONE to Remove Daughter’s Loose Tooth

VIDEO: Dad Uses DRONE to Remove Daughter’s Loose Tooth

The days of tying floss to a doorknob to remove your teeth are over thanks to recent technological advancements! When you’re not flying your drone over your neighbor’s fence to see what kind of fertilizer they use on their lawn, you can use it to remove the wiggly teeth of your children!


From The Daily Mail:

For many young kids, it’s always a memorable moment losing their first tooth.

One young girl decided she wanted to have one of the most unique moment’s ever and asked her dad for help by using his drone to yank her first tooth out.

The video footage that’s going viral online starts off with her excited father saying that ‘they’re pulling out a tooth today with a drone.’

He walks over to the drone to show how dental floss is tied to the bottom and placed it back on the ground.

The floss quickly goes flying away in the air while the tooth is yanked out of her mouth and falls into the grass below.

Her father can be heard whooping in excitement as the girl, dressed in pink like him, searches the around the grass for the tooth.

One of the people who recorded one angle of the epic tooth pulling stunt can be heard on the video saying ‘I can see the little tooth coming in,’ referencing her new molar.

It’s unclear when or where the clip was filmed or who the family is.

However, it’s been reported that the girl was obsessed with how other kids have pulled out loose teeth and researched different ways to do it.

Watch the video below:

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My, how times have changed.

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