[VIDEO] Father Finds Guy Who Got His Daughter High On Meth & Beats Him Up

[VIDEO] Father Finds Guy Who Got His Daughter High On Meth & Beats Him Up

You can’t teach good parenting. This dad took things old school when he found out someone was helping his little girl get high on meth and weed, and beat him some serious tail while mama filmed. I don’t think this clown will be coming around their daughter anytime EVER again:


On the one hand, the best way to deal with your daughter trying drugs is to sit her down and have a rational conversation with her about the dangers of abuse. But on the other hand, DAD JUSTICE.

Our meth Bro is just chilling in his house, listening to some ZBB, probably on some meth, when in barges dad. Hot.

Although by the end of it it seems like they messed up the wrong guy. But he definitely won’t be dealing to anyone’s daughter anytime soon. Which is good.

Of course, this whiny cretin keeps insisting it wasn’t him, and certainly isn’t going to own up to his actions. But then again, he’s a drug dealer, so why would he have any morals anyways? I’m glad this kid got his butt beat, and I hope to heck he stays away from other people’s kids. What a piece of work. Good job, Dad! Sometimes violence IS the answer.

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