VIDEO: Pranksters Find Comical Way to Deliver Justice to Would-Be Bike Thieves

by Sierra Marlee | October 25, 2015 1:11 pm

This video is like Bait Car meets Impractical Jokers[1], and it’s 100% hilarious. Brazilian YouTube channel Os Primitivos has posted a video in which they hilariously punish several bike thieves.


From Unilad[3]:

Brazillian YouTube channel Os Primitivos uploaded this video – in which they’ve left a bike unattended against a tree in a park.

Several would-be thieves take up the tempting offer of a free bicycle, but unfortunately for them the back wheel is tied to the tree and face-planting ensues.

If you begin to feel bad for these people at any point during the video, just remember that they were in the process of stealing someone’s property.

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