VIDEO: Woman Accused of Child Abuse by Some After a Video of Her Twerking With a Toddler Goes Viral

by Cassy Fiano | July 18, 2016 11:59 pm

There are a lot of fun family activities that moms can do with their children. They can go to the park, head to a library, do arts and crafts… or if they’re like this Brazilian mother, they can twerk together!


From the Daily Mail:

A Brazilian woman has been accused of paedophilia on Facebook after a video of her twerking with a toddler went viral.

The clip of the athletic woman twerking with the laughing tot was filmed in Rio de Janeiro before being shared online.

It remains unclear as to whether the woman in the video is the boy’s mother, however many viewers have taken that as face value – and made their shock clear.

The short videos show the young woman bent over with her son in a nappy hugging her from behind and laughing as she twerks.

The little boy moves his hips back and forth as he imitates her.

He then runs around the room excitedly before coming back to hugs her from behind again, repeating his dance as the woman and the person behind the camera crack up with laughter.

… The clip has been seen almost 750,000 times and commented on by hundreds of users as they argue whether or not the video is inappropriate.

One user went as far as to accuse her of abuse writing: ‘Just wait a moment …How did this child learn this? Doesn’t this count as this indecent exposure, or even paedophilia?’

While another agreed adding: ‘Lack of shame, this child doesn’t even know what you are doing is not evil at all in the heart, that’s ridiculous…’

This video may not ever go down as a parenting hall-of-fame moment, but let’s be real here: all this woman really is doing is dancing with her son, who has no idea that it’s somehow dirty or sexual. Should all parents twerk with their kids? Probably not, but this hardly counts as child abuse.

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