WATCH: The Astonishing Scenes at Woman’s Funeral as Stray Dogs Unexpectedly Show Up to Pay Their Respects to Lady Who Used to Feed Them

by Cassy Fiano | March 30, 2015 2:30 pm

Animals understand a lot more than we often give them credit for, and kindness towards them can go a long way. And nowhere was that truth more evident than the funeral for a woman who would make sure to always feed stray dogs.

margarita suarez[1]

Animal lover Margarita Suarez of Merida, Yucatan, passed away earlier this month after battling illness.

During her life she was known for her kindness to all kinds of animals and every morning she would feed the stray dogs and cats that would show up at her home.

She was also known for taking a bag of food along when she went out so she could treat other strays she encountered, reports Misiones Online.

Family members were stunned when the dogs suddenly appeared at the funeral parlor where Margarita’s body was being kept.

Workers at the funeral home denied any knowledge of the animals and said they had never seen them before.

Realizing that the animals had come to pay their respects to Margarita, the staff allowed the dogs to come in and they laid peacefully on the floor near the woman’s coffin.

These animals were clearly appreciative of all this woman did for them. What’s amazing is that they were somehow able to know where her funeral was and how to give her a measure of the kindness she had shown them.

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