WATCH: Topless Feminist Tries To Steal Baby Jesus From Vatican Crib – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

WATCH: Topless Feminist Tries To Steal Baby Jesus From Vatican Crib – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

A topless female activist, know as a “sextremist” with the group Femen tried to make off with the Baby Jesus from the Vatican’s Nativity scene yesterday.

The woman had “God Is A Woman” written across her chest and, according to the Femen website, her action was meant to push back against the alleged infringement by the Vatican on “the rights of women to their own bodies.” In particular, Femen takes issue with abortion and the classification of contraception.

The woman, shown in a video below, was quickly removed by police who were there at St. Peter’s Square to monitor the crowd during Christmas Day celebrations.

Femen’s belief is that a “child is not from a god, but from a woman, for a woman is God,” which is heretical to Christians. Femen doesn’t want to just stop at snatching up Baby Jesus statues from Nativities, but they hope that more women will “kidnap babies from religious denominations” in what I assume means they just want their members to remove their own children from religious instruction and not the more radical suggestion to break into local Sunday schools and make off with armfuls of kids. But hey, they’re the kind of people who run around topless at the Vatican on Christmas Day looking to get arrested. Maybe they really are that crazy.

Activists with Femen, a group founded in Ukraine back in 2008, have worked up a reputation for themselves as protesters who target Christian iconography and desecrate crucifixes, but since 2013 have also targeted Islam when they notably burned an ISIS flag right in front of a mosque in Paris.

This isn’t the only time Femen activists have used toplessness to symbolism whatever it is they stand for. In France, two topless women associated with Femen popped on stage at a conference on Islam. Many of the men reportedly turned away from the women who had the words “Nobody makes me submit” written across their bare breasts. One of them shouted, “Nobody makes me submit, nobody owns me, I’m my own prophet,” in reference to the literal translation of Islam which means “Submission.”

One witness at the event said that it ended “violently” as a security guard tried to get the women down. You can watch the video here and judge for yourself.

As for the Vatican protester, the footage we have here is under one minute because the woman was apprehended swiftly:

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