Way Too Close for Comfort… Passenger Jet Misses Motorists by Just Yards [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 8, 2015 3:45 pm

I don’t care what the authorities say[1], that was way, way too close a landing. A flight coming from Madrid, Spain to San Jose, Costa Rica had to change directions when landing. It came in so low that people could literally see the screws in the underbelly of the carriage. The jet was packed with passengers and came in perilously low over a jammed restaurant. It then skimmed right over the tops of cars on a road and clipped a perimeter fence before coming in for a safe landing. Wow.


From the Daily Mail:

A packed transatlantic jet came within a few feet of terrified drivers as it grazed an airport perimeter fence during a nail-biting landing in Costa Rica.

The Airbus 340 came so close to ground level witnesses described seeing the ‘screws’ on the plane’s underbelly while nearby homes shook from the force.

It had to change its original landing pattern because of problematic winds as it came into Juan Santamaria International Airport on Sunday.

Shocked passengers on board as well as onlookers on the ground recorded the remarkable incident and post the footage online.

The Iberia jet – flight IB6313 – was arriving from the Spanish capital Madrid.

Francisco Portillo, who owns a restaurant near to the airport, said: ‘It was very unusual. The restaurant was packed.

‘People are used to seeing planes land from the spot where we are and they were very surprised at how low it was.’

Despite the eye-catching video, airport authorities and the Spanish carrier insisted it was a controlled landing and there was nothing out of the ordinary about it.

Rolando Richmond, head of Costa Rica’s Civil Aviation Authority, told the Tico Times: ‘There’s no stated altitude that pilots need to cross that part of the security fence.

‘It doesn’t exist, because the only condition pilots have at that time is to make sure they are able to land where the airport’s threshold is and to activate their tyres in time.

‘Sure it could have been a little higher, but the altitude and angle of the plane was fine.’

The pilot initially attempted to land on another runway for planes coming in from the east before switching to a runway normally used by flights coming from the west.

Although it has a good safety record, Juan Santamaria International Airport is known as a challenging place to land.

On September 3, 2007, a Sabreliner 70 operated by Jet Lease Corp ran off the right side of the runway into the grass.

The undercarriage collapsed as the plane skidded and turned 180 degrees.

What bothers me is this was caught on video and was obviously not a normal landing. But you would never know that from the authorities who blatantly claimed that it was totally normal and within regulations. It shook the restaurant as it came in overhead. The angle and altitude of that plane were anything but fine. The pilot is blaming winds on this one. I don’t know what the actual reasoning was, but coming in that low is very, very dangerous. Drivers were in shock over the incident and couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. Remind me not to fly on that airline ever.




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