Zola the break dancing gorilla puts ‘Flashdance’ to shame and goes viral! [VIDEO]

by Sierra Marlee | June 25, 2017 6:35 pm


With all of the bad news being splattered about your social media and television, I thought it would be nice to bring you a story that doesn’t want to make you bounce your forehead off of the keyboard.


This may be the happiest gorilla you’ve ever seen, assuming you’ve seen more than one happy gorilla in your lifetime.

According to scientists, they’re a lot like people when it comes to growing out of their childhood games like playing, pranking and silly behavior. As they age, they become more serious and adult-like.

All except Zola, the 380 lb., 14 year-old Silverback gorilla in the Dallas Zoo.

Unlike his four male counterparts, Zola has a special love for water, including rain puddles and kiddie pools. (Which is odd, given that gorilla’s can’t swim, but we won’t tell if you won’t.)

In a video posted to the zoo’s Facebook page, the gorilla can be seen splashing in a couple of feet of water and it’s freaking adorable.

Watch the video below:


From The Washington Post[2]:

“We’ve always known he likes water, but we weren’t expecting the full washing machine-style spin that we caught on camera,” the Dallas Zoo’s mammal curator, Keith Zdrojewski, told The Washington Post. “He also loves to splash and do this type of behavior in the rain.”

“Enrichment can take many forms; it can be an object such as a ball, a scent like an herb or perfume, visual stimulation such as a mirror, a change in an animal’s company or location, an activity like painting or training, introduction of a new food, or a challenging food presentation … the options are almost limitless!” the Dallas Zoo said in a blog post about Zola’s kiddie pool play[3]. “As keepers, we are constantly coming up with new and fresh ways to enrich our animals. And clearly the pool is a favorite for Zola!”

It’s good to know that despite living in a zoo, Zola is living a very happy life.

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