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Make sure to check out Linkiest today, where you’ll find links like:

Top of the Ticket: U.S. Marine honors Sarah Palin in unusual way, plac

Ned Hardy: Your sexual innuendo filled advertisement of the day (Pic)

Caveman Circus: ‘Awesome’ is this post’s middle name (Pic)

theChive: Awesome, amen (22 Photos)

Strait Pinkie: Hot girls of Google Images…UH YUMP!!!

Also, you’ll want to see these vids on Viral Footage:

Woman’s “whole life is ruined” over 2010 American Idol results (profanity). Come on, lady, it’s not like this is the LOST finale.

2 terrorists planting IED go bye-bye. Aw, I’ll miss them.

Tiny Ukrainian granny climbs on car to yell at driver about his driving

The Onion: Congressmen Submit Emergency 3 a.m. Bill Demanding IHOP Stay Open All Night