Russia trolls the Democratic Party with epic April Fool’s joke [VIDEO]

Russia trolls the Democratic Party with epic April Fool’s joke [VIDEO]

My readers know that I am no fan of the Russians… but come on! This is hysterical. The Russians trolled the Democratic Party with an epic April Fool’s joke. They posted it to the Russian Foreign Ministry Facebook page and it’s in Russian and English. You can see below the exchange. Basically, you get to choose from having a Russian diplomat calling your political opponent, services of Russian hackers or election interference. The Associated Press felt they actually needed to point out it was a prank. These are the same people who fact-checked Sean Spicer’s Russian salad dressing joke. SMH.

The Russians try to interfere in every election we have… they do it every time. But they are unable to hack or influence our actual votes because they are on closed circuits. If they could, they would… but they can’t. That doesn’t mean they don’t favor one candidate over another, but let me tell you something… the Russians are prepared for any candidate we elect. They put together files on all of them. They gather blackmail material and they profile their weaknesses.

Russia has the world’s best and brightest hackers and cyber warriors. And you know who helped them with that? Hillary and the Clinton Foundation who helped set up their version of Silicon Valley – Skolkovo. No wonder they are making fun of the left.

From RedState:

Saturday was the first of April, making it “April Fools Day.” Russia, not normally known for being humorous, played a hilarious joke on the Democratic party amid all of the controversy.

The Russian Foreign Ministry posted an audio file on its Facebook page showcasing their new switchboard message when someone calls the agency.

The audio message begins with, “You have reached the Russian Embassy. Your call is very important to us.”

“To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent, press 1,” the recording says in both English and Russian.

Callers are then instructed to “press 2” if they want to use “the services of Russian hackers.”

If callers want to speak with someone surrounding “election interference,” they are instructed to “press 3.”

A majority of people understand this is a joke meant to provide levity to the situation, but that didn’t stop The Associated Press from reporting that the recording was in fact meant to be a joke.

We should certainly investigate allegations of Russian interference. But 60% of Americans now believe it had no effect on the election. You know what did? A stunningly corrupt Democrat and a cult of personality Republican. As for Putin denying meddling in our elections, what do you expect him to say? Sure… I messed around in your election, which is technically an act of war? Come on… Putin is a master liar. He perfected that long ago in the KGB and has used it expertly in the FSB.

Putin keeps threatening us both physically and metaphorically. But he’ll never make a move unless he thinks he can win and it will benefit him. Right now, he’s in a position of strength because the Democrats have made utter fools of themselves. The Cold War never ended… it shifted. Putin is playing three-dimensional geopolitical chess and we’re playing checkers. I really hope that changes and we take the threat from the Russkies seriously. For now, I’ll admire a very clever April Fool’s joke, because dayum! It was funny. Heh.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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