North Carolina Trial On Voter ID Starts Monday

It’s telling that the use of voter ID has made many liberals very unhappy. It’s almost like the use of voter ID and other measures to ensure proper voting is inconvenient for Democrats

(Washington Post) The photo-ID rules — part of one of the strictest voting laws in the country — will go on trial in a federal courthouse Monday in the first battle over the ballot this presidential year.

The ID requirements, set to be used in the March presidential primary, were included in a bill passed by North Carolina’s legislature that also reduced the number of days of early voting, prohibited people from registering and voting on the same day, stopped ballots cast in the wrong precinct from being counted, and ended the practice of preregistering teenagers before they turned 18.

Those same practices occur all over the United States through most of the States. Early voting days are well within the norm of the rest of States. Many states do not allow registering and voting on the same day. They all typically have some sort of registration requirements. Quite frankly, if you haven’t bothered to take the time to properly register till the last second, then you do not really care that much. As for being in the wrong precinct, you can vote early if you’ve moved and not bothered to register properly.

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Republican legislators say they imposed the new restrictions to combat voter fraud and to preserve the integrity of the voting system. In court papers filed last week, lawyers for the state said the groups that have challenged the law have found “no evidence that any single voter will be unable to vote under the photo ID law.”

The whole law is based on an assumption that minorities and others, mostly Blacks, will be “disenfranchised”. If you do not have a proper ID, you can get one for free, and there are other options, such as using an absentee ballot or filling out a special provision ballot, explaining why you have no ID. But, let’s face it, most people in this day and age have a proper photo ID issued from the DMV, either a driver’s license or state ID. They are required for so much of the rest of our lives.

Even with the amendment, which allows certain exceptions, civil rights leaders argue that the new rules will disenfranchise minority voters, who are less likely to have one of the required forms of photo ID — and they have compared the fight for voting rights now to the marches in Selma, Ala., during the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

First of all, they haven’t been able to prove that assertion. Second, it seem rather racist to imply that Blacks are less capable than others in obtaining an ID, something that is typically not particularly difficult to do, nor expensive. Democrats should just admit that they want Democrats to vote multiple times and even in multiple states, and also want those ineligible to vote to get away with voting, which usually helps Democrats. There are no high minded principles involved in their opposition to the law, especially since many parts apply in Democratic run states. They want to make fraud easier in the Southern states, whose population is growing by leaps and bounds as Democrats escape the messes they’ve made in Northern states.

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