Not a Citizen? No Problem! – Feds Overrule NC Voting Rules as “Discriminatory”

Not a Citizen? No Problem! – Feds Overrule NC Voting Rules as “Discriminatory”

Clinton and the federal government are now in full voter fraud mode. The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia just struck down the voter ID law in North Carolina. This opens the door to illegal immigrants and refugees voting illegally in elections which is meant to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency. It also means people can get away with voting multiple times, under different aliases and going to locations where they don’t live to cast a vote. Everyone knows it and yet this legal sham continues. This follows hot on the heels of Virginia attempting to register 200,000 felons so they can vote as well. What would Clinton do without criminals in her voter base? These judges are bought and paid for – they are utterly corrupt and rigging the system for Marxists.


From Zero Hedge:

Hillary and the federal government are determined to ensure a “fair” and “open” election this November and will stop at nothing to reverse discrimination against “oppressed” segments of the American electorate, well at least if you live in a large swing state. This morning, the WSJ reported that the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia struck down North Carolina’s voter ID law just days after we wrote about Virginia’s similar effort to register 200,000 “oppressed” felons.  The ruling asserts that North Carolina’s law violated the Voting Rights Act by discriminating against low-income and minority voters, saying:

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“In holding that the legislature did not enact the challenged provisions with discriminatory intent, the court seems to have missed the forest in carefully surveying the many trees. This failure of perspective led the court to ignore critical facts bearing on legislative intent, including the inextricable link between race and politics in North Carolina.”

“Although the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision, they constitute inept remedies for the problems assertedly justifying them and, in fact, impose cures for problems that did not exist.”

The Democrats are always screaming about ‘oppressed voters’. But they are selective where they whine. They do it in large swing states where they want to change the voting demographic. More electoral votes equals greater voter fraud and election shenanigans, replete with legalese favoring Marxist rigging of the electorate. This federal appeals court invalidated an array of voting restrictions North Carolina imposed in 2013, finding that they violated the Voting Rights Act by obstructing African-Americans’ access to the polls. Race has nothing to do with this… it’s is ludicrous to claim that someone cannot show a simple ID to vote. It takes very little to prove you are a legal citizen and have the right to vote in that state. The only reason for all this is to bring in illegal voters to pad the rolls. It’s Corruption 101 and for some damned reason we are letting them get away with it and have done so for a very long time. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican who signed the legislation, vowed to appeal. “Photo IDs are required to purchase [the medication] Sudafed, cash a check, board an airplane or enter a federal courtroom. Yet three Democratic judges are undermining the integrity of our elections while also maligning our state,” the governor said in a statement, referring to the party of the presidents who appointed the judges to the appeals court. Perfectly put and absolutely correct.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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