Over 20k Soldiers Have Been Wounded in the Afghan War Theater, 90% Under Obama [Video]

It isn’t just that we are at war and a Commander-in-Chief has to put his soldiers in harm’s way… everything Obama touches turns deadly, especially when it comes to our military. Obama hates our military. He has put our boys and girls at risk every chance he has gotten – he has gone off on campaigns against the Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS without ever once consulting the Pentagon. He doesn’t care how many soldiers die out there. He cares about his political agenda and protecting certain Islamic friends of his.

From Breitbart:

At least 20,040 American soldiers had been wounded in the 13-year-old Afghanistan war theater as of November 10, according to a Pentagon tally.

As the U.S. military winds down its presence and combat role in Afghanistan, the number of American fatalities and injuries as a result of the war has decreased dramatically.

Although an Associated Press database of U.S. military casualties in the Afghanistan war shows that there were no troop fatalities in October, the Department of Defense (DoD) tally revealed that 31 service members were wounded that month. Only one soldier has reportedly been wounded so far in November. No fatalities have been reported this month.

Nearly 90 percent (17,339) of the wounded troops received their injuries after Obama was inaugurated for his first term on January 20, 2009.

The number of troops wounded in action has increased more than seven fold in the nearly six years that Obama has been president — from 2,701 when he took office in 2009 to 20,040 now.


In February 2014, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reported that as of the end of 2013, a total of 762 “major limb” amputations had been linked to the Afghanistan war.

Those amputations include “the loss of one or more limbs, the loss of one or more partial limbs, or the loss of one or more full or partial hand or foot.”

About nine out of every 10 major limb amputations took place between 2009 and the end of 2013 with the number peaking at 248 in 2011.

Obama increased the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan immediately upon taking office in 2009.


According to the AP database, 2,348 U.S. soldiers have been killed while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, including 2,207 (94 percent) in Afghanistan alone.

Of the 2,207 U.S. military fatalities in Afghanistan, at least 1,649 (75 percent) have occurred under Obama’s watch.

No wonder so many have been injured and killed in Afghanistan. Our soldiers have had their hands tied by a ridiculous set of rules of engagement and are not allowed to fight. Obama has given the enemy every advantage and made our military sitting ducks. He sends them into plague zones as well, guts the ranks of our fighters and equipment and takes benefits and healthcare away from military families. As our brave die on the battlefield or are executed by some barbaric thug, our feckless leader plays another round of golf and schmoozes with celebrities. Under Obama, our military has been horribly mistreated and demoralized. But at least he has succeeded in emboldening our enemies across the globe. Mission accomplished.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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