ACLU Sues Government Over Use Of Drones In War Zones

by William Teach | March 17, 2010 6:44 am

ACLU. American Civil Liberties Union. Really? Because it sure appears that they are (still) doing everything possible to not only protect Islamic jihadis, but, to make sure they have the information necessary in order to not be captured and killed by the US government. In my mind, this would be the very definition of “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”[1]

The American Civil Liberties Union sued the federal government Tuesday to learn the use of unmanned drones for targeted killings by the military and CIA.

“In particular, the lawsuit asks for information on when, where and against whom drone strikes can be authorized, the number and rate of civilian casualties and other basic information essential for assessing the wisdom and legality of using armed drones to conduct targeted killings,” the ACLU said in a statement, announcing its action.

Why does it seem that almost every liberal group out there wants to provide information to the enemy? Personally, I think the fact that Obama has increased the use of drone strikes is way of putting a check on the positive box. I do actually hate opposing the president on everything, you know.

“The government’s use of drones to conduct targeted killings raises complicated questions — not only legal questions, but policy and moral questions as well,” said Jameel Jaffer, director of the ACLU National Security Project. “These kinds of questions ought to be discussed and debated publicly, not resolved secretly behind closed doors. While the Obama administration may legitimately withhold intelligence information as well as sensitive information about military strategy, it should disclose basic information about the scope of the drone program, the legal basis for the program and the civilian casualties that have resulted from the program.”

The scope? To kill Islamists. Legal basis? War zone. Constitution. Civilian casualties? The ACLU has never been concerned about the use of civilians as human shields by Islamists. The US military does everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. Unfortunately, there is that “war zone” issue. And Islamists who use civilians as human shields. Oh, and the fact that this is occurring in other countries, ones which are not American. How about just butting out, ACLU. Go bug some school because they had an evil Santa figurine.

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