After a Failed Terror Attack on a US Consulate, Former SEAL Jonathan Gilliam Reveals How He Would Stop ISIS [Video]

There is something very wrong in Canada… Malik is simply going to be deported. He’ll be able to terrorize again the minute he gets back to Pakistan. That’s a bad mistake. He’s a trained Jihadist and just as Obama has freed others like him from Gitmo, now Canada slaps this Islamist on the hand and sends him home. This guy was going to blow up the US consulate in Canada. The West is in severe trouble when they can’t bring themselves to deal with terrorists and instead let them go so they can kill again and again and again. If it wasn’t for an undercover officer, we would have had a very bad week here in the US. We can’t possibly catch all of these dirt bags unless we fight them on their own terms.

From IJReview:

On Monday, an ISIS sympathizer was detained by authorities for plotting to blow up the U.S. consulate in Toronto, Canada.

It was 33-year-old Jahanzeb Malik, who immigrated from Pakistan. He intended to place remote-controlled explosives inside the consulate and other buildings in the area.

Even more disturbing was the ease with which Malik traveled to allegedly receive his jihadist training. CBC News reports:

“Malik immigrated to Canada in 2004 as a student and became a permanent resident in 2009, according to CBSA. He travelled frequently between Pakistan and Canada.

Authorities also say he had taken weapons, combat and landmine training in Libya.”

If it weren’t for an undercover RCMP officer posing as a terrorist in whom Malik confided, things could have been much worse. When Malik met the officer, he showed him ISIS’ beheading videos and explained how he wanted to cause the same kind of things to happen in Canada.

Since this is the 2nd ISIS-inspired plot foiled in North America to blow up a government building, IJReview talked to former Navy SEAL and FBI Agent Jonathan Gilliam about how these type of attacks could be prevented:

“The number one thing that we need to do that we aren’t doing is actively pursue these terrorists. We need a group like Red Cell again.

Red Cell was a group after SEAL Team Six and they went all over the country doing mock terrorist attacks against military installations. They lived like terrorists and operated like a terrorist unit and they got really good at it.

You could build a giant wall around your compound with 1,000 cops, but if you don’t screen everyone that comes in, you have a huge gap in security. If you don’t recognize every vulnerability, the enemy will use it against you. It would only take someone like a groundskeeper, pace off the distance of the wall to the building, estimate the height of the wall, and then launch on a mortar into the building.

That’s how they did in Benghazi when the CIA Annex’s roof was hit and SEALs Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed.

It’s not about spending money, or technology. Give me the right guys and enough time, and I’ll beat your technology. You’re not going to be able to stop every attack, unless you understand how the terrorist thinks. That’s what it boils down to.

We are talking about killing. We are not talking about stealing something. I don’t have to worry about getting caught as a bad guy, I just have to concern myself with carrying out an effective attack.”

Malik might still be able to fulfill his dreams of becoming a jihadist, as he’s only facing deportation back to Pakistan.

Jonathan Gilliam is right. We need another Red Cell group. Those that can imagine what is coming next. Warriors that can put themselves in the shoes of terrorists, think the way they do and stop them whatever it takes. Without reconnaissance and infiltration, you will not be able to stop all the terrorists Obama has let in and that just keep coming. At some point, they will succeed at something far worse than 9/11. A good Red Team is a “thinking enemy;” they challenge planning assumptions and help leaders to understand and address the risks in every aspect of the business. A Red Team provides unorthodox views on problems and their solutions. If the team is good, they will get into government agencies and make their weak points very obvious. We need to fight like a modern day militia and this is a good place to start.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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