Arsonist Targets Remains of 9/11 Dead

by Dave Blount | November 2, 2009 10:16 am

Apparently the election of Barack Hussein Obama — who personifies appeasement of Islamic terrorists — wasn’t the final insult to the dead of September 11. On Saturday came one more[1]:

A small fire at the temporary home for the remains of thousands of World Trade Center victims was likely arson committed after a break-in on Saturday, authorities said.

The smoldering flames in a section of the facility’s chapel on Manhattan’s East Side were quickly extinguished.

Firefighters got a call at about 9 a.m. to respond to Memorial Park, a weatherproof tent on Manhattan’s East Side where the city is storing the remains of 9/11 victims who have yet to be identified.

The fire damaged a wooden bench, while mementos — pictures, notes, flowers — honoring the dead disappeared. …

Authorities were unsure whether the mementos had been stolen or burned, “but little remains inside the chapel,” said [community affairs commissioner Nazli] Parvizi, adding that the structure showed some smoke damage.

Meanwhile, the festering sockets where the World Trade Center should have been rebuilt long ago remain largely empty.

Our shameful memorial[2] to the 9/11 dead.

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