DUmmies Upset With Obama For Escalating The “Stupid War”

The cat is formally out of the bag. We on the right all knew that most progressives never supported the war in Afghanistan. We’ve heard little snippets from them over the year, and seen them wanting to leave Afghanistan many times at their peace protests (which often get violent, and are certainly filthy.) Now, via the Democratic Underground, we get

Philosoraptor How many of you are pissed off at Obama for escalating the stupid war?

I am. I cannot think of a single reason why this might be a good idea. In fact, I can only think of very negative reasons for escalation of the idiotic war in Afghanistan. All I can figure is, it’s all for huge profits for the a**hole branch of our government.

Mr. Obama, I voted for you, not with visions of a shining city on the hill, not with blinders on, not with rose colored glasses, but because you kept saying it’s time for a change.

Now I’m just pissed off at you, and I’m not afraid to say it.

Wait, did he just call the Obama admin the a**hole branch of our government? And, yes, I did censor that word, since this is being cross-posted.

Let’s not forget that Obama said, quite clearly, many, many, many times, that Afghanistan was the good war and he would put many troops into the theater of operation. He also mention Pokestan, but, I can’t find that country on the map. I think Barry had been watching too many Pikatchu card games with the kids.


  • For profits and politics. And, death left in the wake. I am sickened by it. How many more have to die for a failed war?
  • Many assume there will be a happy ending, but there won’t.
  • Say hello to the next Vietnam….cause that’s what we’re looking at
  • War profiteering not democracy.It’s destroying the USA.No one wants to believe it
  • Afghanistan war make Obama a hypocrite and as he made a big deal out of Clinton voting for the Iraq war and that how he won Iowa .So now you people that called Clinton names because she didn’t say she was sorry enough to suit you got what you voted for just another Bush lite .
  • You know nothing about it but just don’t want to admit Obama is f***ing up
  • Here. Time for another march? nt
  • Absolutely We must do something! I sent an email to the White House yesterday, I guess that is a start. (ROTFLOL! An email)
  • No not a dreaded email! How could you?
  • We wanted a FDR…we got a LBJ. Pissed isn’t the word…disappointed and disillusioned.
  • Wait a sec I wouldn’t call him an LBJ until he accomplishes something. LBJ got Medicare passed. How’s that health care reform of Obama’s doing??
  • Sorry, but LBJ actually DID some things Sure, he escalated Vietnam, but we also got Civil Rights, the Great Society and Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court. In your wildest dreams, can you imagine Obama doing even one thing at that level of progressive leadership? I can’t.
  • I feel some sort of need for a time of deep mourning very dark days indeed. This president has now proved beyond a doubt that he is not a great leader. He has sunk the knife further in the hearts of peace loving people around the world.

And it keeps going and going and going. Did I mention that they were this pissed off prior to the actual speech? Cassy Fiano does a great job in rounding up the Lefty reaction after the speech, including Chrissy Matthews calling West Point the “enemy camp.” As she rightly points out, Liberals just can’t stand to see the USA win.

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