Hey, Look, Osama Bin Laden Is Now Backing Your Side, Climate Alarmists!

by William Teach | January 29, 2010 8:11 am

Aren’t you thrilled? Doesn’t it feel great to have the most wanted man in the world taking your position?

Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has called in a new audiotape for the world to boycott American goods and the U.S. dollar, blaming the United States and other industrialized countries for global warming.

In the tape, aired in part on Al-Jazeera television Friday, bin Laden warns of the dangers of climate change and says that the way to stop it is to bring “the wheels of the American economy” to a halt.

Osama Climate Change

He says the world should “stop consuming American products” and “refrain from using the dollar,” according to a transcript on Al-Jazeera’s Web site.

Interesting. He wants what so many climate alarmists want, namely, to destroy the American economy. But, hey, alarmists, at least he is mostly living the carbon free lifestyle you folks think everyone (except yourself) should live!

Elsewhere, ABC News has joined the long list of media who have lost that loving AGW feeling, and asks if climate forecasts can still be trusted[1]. As they say “probably not,” their story uses phrases such as “Untenable Claim,” “Abnormal Temperature Graph ,” and “Sloppiness.”

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove[2]

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