How Many People Would Live If Julian Assange Were Dead?

by John Hawkins | August 31, 2011 3:25 am

Like Osama Bin Laden, Julian Assange is an enemy of the United States. Like Osama bin Laden, Julian Assange’s goal is to harm the United States and see as many Americans die as possible. Osama Bin Laden did it with bombs and we killed him for it. He deserved it. Julian Assange has done it by releasing stolen information. We haven’t killed him for it yet, but he deserves it, too. If we had already killed Julian Assange, the people who are about to die because of him would have lived[1].

The original US State Department documents obtained by WikiLeaks were accidentally leaked online revealing the names of sources that have thus far remained anonymous, German newspapers Der Spiegel and Freitag Der reported Monday. The names include possible Israeli, Iranian and Jordanian intelligence agents.

The unedited cables could put the sources in danger as many of them are located in countries whose governments are hostile to the US. The classified documents were edited before their distribution over six months ago, but the original key file which has been leaked reveals information originally censored by WikiLeaks editors.

Maybe it’s an accident, or maybe Julian Assange somehow arranged this because his name wasn’t popping up in the news enough. Either way, if a SEAL team had showed up and put a bullet in Julian Assange’s chest and another one in his head just to make sure he was dead, what do you think the chances are that this information would be out there right now? Pretty slim.

PS: If Bradley Manning is convicted of giving these files to Wikileaks, he deserves to hang by the neck until dead as punishment.

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