Islamofascist Terrorists Expected to Focus on “Soft Targets”

As security at military bases and government buildings is increasingly improved, Islamofascist terrorists are predicted to focus on “soft targets” such as hotels and other targets that are easier to attack.: 

: According to the Military Times, “Al-Qaida is changing from a centralized organization with global goals to regional ‘franchises’ with more parochial aims and strong grassroots support…These smaller cells get less training and less money, so they set their sights lower.”

In the eight years since September 11, 2001, the number of terrorist attacks on hotels has more than doubled, as compared to the eight years before 9/11.:  Over the same periods of comparison, the deaths and injuries caused by those attacks has increased six times.:  Despite these ominous trends, many hotel owners have not increased their security in their facilities.: 

The Military Times states that, from a terrorist’s perspective, there is both enthusiasm and reluctance to focus on a soft target such as a hotel or another similar facility.:  A hotel is a relatively easy target as it typically has low or nonexistent security, and the probability is high that Westerners will be staying at the more luxurious overseas buildings.:  However, a hotel will not achieve the same political and ideological symbolism as a military or government target would.

The Islamofascist terrorists who, this July 17, bombed the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia registered as guests in those hotels two days prior to the attack.:  Being a guest would allow them access to the layout of the area, thus enabling them to avoid appearing suspicious to hotel security.

That they are so quick to adapt to changing conditions affirms that the Islamofascist terrorists we are fighting are increasingly dangerous and threatening.:  As their tactics and targets change, our security and preventive measures must also.:  We must remain strong and vigilant in our global war against the enemies of freedom.

For those who would like to read the complete report, the link is below::

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