Nancy Pelosi Gets Advice From Her Five Year Old Grandson On Syria

by John Hawkins | September 5, 2013 4:25 am

Jimmy Carter once famously consulted with his daughter Amy about foreign policy and now Nancy Pelosi has topped him by asking her five year old grandson about whether we should go to war with Syria[1].

I take this story and and I really going to be my five year old grandson — as I was leaving San Francisco yesterday sent to — maybe. — War with Syria. Yes what was the area know what was here next yourself and warns that warming we’re not — — — over time that.

Action. And yes. A — — I civil what do you think he says I think no war I said well I generally agree with that.

Let you know they’ve killed. Hundreds of children. They killed hundreds of children and he said — — yourself.

For these children in the United States. — — don’t know what their children wherever they are. So I don’t know what news he’s listening to — — — — his kids again but even a five year old child.

Do you with the wisdom of carriages. How does affect our interest — it affects our interest. Because.

Again outside the circle of civilized behavior was humanity drew a line decades. Ago. That I think if we ignore.

That we do so. — — Many other people who itself. So.

It’s not exactly a surprise that a five year old is smarter than Nancy Pelosi, but her grandson seems to have a better understanding of the issues at hand than John McCain, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Barack Obama, too. Can we get the kid to move to Arizona and primary John McCain the next time he’s up for reelection?

Nancy Pelosi[2]

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