President Obama has a Hard Time with Israel

by Derek Varsalona | March 1, 2015 8:03 pm

Obama Disses Israel Again
By: Derek Varsalona

It is no secret that President Barack Obama and his administration have disdain for the nation of Israel. For what reason is this unwelcoming feeling coming from is still something that I cannot figure out with seven years in office. Nevertheless, there is a total disdain. We notice this repeatedly. The first major instance was on Saint Patrick’s Day, Thursday, March 17, 2011 when he asked Israel to go back to the 1967 boarders. Does not seem like such a holy person in this sense? Maybe Obama had too much to drink that day? Now, President Barack Obama is upset that Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu of Israel is giving a speech to Congress without him consulting The White House. First off, who said that Prime Minister Netenyahu needs to tell anyone anything? In addition, why would Speaker Boehner have to tell President Obama? Sure maybe out of respect but President Obama does not respect many people. Remember that one earns someone’s respect. Respect  is earned not given. Simply put Speaker Boehner earned the respect of  Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu, President Obama did not. So of course, Prime Minister Netenyahu will not tell President Obama or the Obama Administration.

Prime Minister Netenyahu, will speak about the dangers of a nuclear Iran and U.S. negotiations with Iran. Expectation are that Prime Minister Netenyahu will be very critical of a nuclear Iran and possibly even more critical of how the United States is to chicken to deal with a nuclear Iran. To date, neither the United States nor any other nation is willing to strike or go to war with Iran over their weapons capabilities. President Obama is also living in LALA Land over Iran. President Obama believes that a nuclear Iran will be helpful to Israel. He believes this so much that he and the rest of the world will not strike Iran. They all turn a blind eye. Does President Obama not see the devil in Iran that only Israel sees? Does any other nation for that matter? Iran claims that their nuclear options are only peaceful. Secretary of State John Kerry claims that he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu speak frequently on the phone. I just hope they are talking about Israel’s security and not how good or bad each others golf game is. It is funny with all this taking Secretary Kerry should have known about the speech. Nevertheless, he was left in the dark. According to Secretary Kerry, the speech is, “odd if not unique” in regards to learning about the speech through Speaker John Boehner. The speech will take place this Tuesday March 3, 2015 and the deadline for an accord is by the end of this month.



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