Seeing Is Believing

Here is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, attempting to blame Tea Partiers for the car bomb Faisal Shahzad tried to set off in Times Square last Saturday night as Katie Cupcake eggs him on:

Bloomberg is the quintessential nanny state petty tyrant, who will go to any length to protect his subjects from salt and trans fats. But only a few years after 9/11, he won’t even acknowledge the existence of by far the greatest threat to New Yorkers, Islamic terrorism. If someone wants to set off a bomb in Times Square, it must be one of the majority of Americans who oppose the outrageous seizure of control over the healthcare industry by his fellow authoritarian moonbats.

There is an inevitable price to be paid for letting liberals into positions of authority. The only thing that has stopped us from paying it is the incompetence of Muslim terrorists. But luck won’t keep us safe forever.

On tips from Wiggins and Scott. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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