Team Obama Proposes Delay In Terror Suspect Hearings

by William Teach | May 15, 2010 7:38 am

According to Anthony Romero of the ACLU, the Left can now stop referring to Obama as “Bush Lite” when it comes to terrorism suspects. Let’s skip briefly ahead in the story, shall we[1]?

Anthony Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, assailed the Obama administration for considering such ideas. He noted that the administration of President George W. Bush, which was heavily criticized by civil-liberties groups, never proposed such modifications to criminal procedures.

“It’s highly troubling that the Obama administration might propose to lengthen the time in which a potential defendant would come before a judge,” Mr. Romero said. “Both proposals would severely undercut the Obama administration’s assertion that they believe in the rule of law.”

Of course, the ACLU wants to treat every single terrorism subject as if they were an American citizen, entitled to the protections of the Constitution. Hell, they probably want to do the same to Bin Laden. Anyhow, the meat of the article

President Obama’s legal advisers are considering asking Congress to allow the government to detain terrorism suspects longer after their arrests before presenting them to a judge for an initial hearing, according to administration officials familiar with the discussions.

If approved, the idea to delay hearings would be attached to broader legislation to allow interrogators to withhold Miranda warnings from terrorism suspects for lengthy periods, as Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. proposed last week.

The goal of both measures would be to open a window of time after an arrest in which interrogators could question a terrorism suspect without an interruption that might cause the prisoner to stop talking. It is not clear how long of a delay the administration is considering seeking.

This one is, quite frankly, a toughy, at least when it comes to American citizens or those who came here under a legal visa (which they have not overstayed). We want to be able to question them without interruption, but, did I mention their citizenship status as Americans, who deserve the protections of the Constitution? Of course, when they are not legal citizens or residing here legally, they have no Rights to our legal systems protections. Those folks should never be read their rights.

What do you think? One thing I think is that the Left would be going moonbat guano had anyone in the Bush administration floated that idea. Heck, they would go moonbat guano if one of them said it after Obama took office. Now? Barely a peep, other than Talk Left[2]

Taking rights taken from terror suspects today just makes it easier to take them from all of us tomorrow. It’s ironic that this is one right even the Bush Administration didn’t try and tinker with, and its our Democratic president showing so little respect for the rule of law.

I have news for ya, Sparky: Team Obama has shown little regard for the rule of law since day 1 as part of their Progressive agenda, which is all about doing away with your freedoms.

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