Two Terrorists Of Unknown Religion Busted In NYC Plot

Obviously, they must be those whitebread right wing terrorists Janet Napolitano was worried about

Two men who the authorities said intended to carry out a terrorist attack in New York City were arrested late Wednesday, two law enforcement officials said.

Details were not immediately available, and the identities of the men were not released. A law enforcement source characterized the suspects as “homegrown,” and another said they were of North African descent.

The case was being prosecuted by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, and law enforcement officials said the men were expected to be charged under New York State’s terrorism law.

So, and I might be wrong about this, and a mean and raaaaacist/bigoted, but, I’d guess that they follow the Koran and Mohammed, and are….Muslims!

Now, if Bush was President, he would probably be blamed for creating more terrorists with his UN and Congressionally approved Iraq war, but, no, we can’t blame this on Obama, what with his war of choice in Libya, targeted killings, drone strikes, etc.

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