Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s vow: ‘Complete annihilation’ of terrorists

by Janeen Capizola | January 3, 2014 6:12 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin: broke his silence after two deadly suicide bombings ripped apart: Volgograd: this week with a stern warning to terrorists: We will pursue you until we have seen your “complete annihilation.”


“Dear friends, we bow our heads before the victims of cruel terrorist acts. I am certain that we will fiercely and consistently continue the fight against terrorists until their complete annihilation,” Putin said in an unusual, second televised address close to midnight Tuesday,: according to The Globe and Mail[2].

Putin broke a:  “long-time” New Year’s tradition and “gave up on the pre-recorded address to the nation shot at the Kremlin several days before the New Year” to give a second address that included his condemnation of the terrorist attacks:

“We’ll lead a confident, tough and consistent battle against the terrorists until their full elimination,” Putin vowed,: according to Russia Today.[3]

With the upcoming: Olympic Winter Games: in: Sochi,: all eyes have been on Russia after Sunday and Monday’s suicide bombings killed a reported 34 people and injured another 80.

According to The Moscow Times[4], the suspected terrorist in Sunday’s train station bombing has been identified as Pavel Pechyonkin — a Russian who “worked as a: paramedic with an: ambulance service but left home in: 2011 and: joined Dagestani militants after converting to: Islam and: changing his name to: Ansar Ar-rusi.”

Pechyonkin reportedly released a video statement “saying he was following God’s will and: would not turn back: ‘I have come here only to: make Allah pleased with me, to: earn heaven,’” the Times said.

Watch Putin’s address:

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