War Pr0n: Woah! He Just ‘Sploded!

by William Teach | September 15, 2009 8:23 am

Do you know what ‘sploding is? Premature detonation. Some Tuesday morning humor

Embedded video from CNN Video[1]

Speaking of ‘sploding, the AMA is now getting behind the President Obama’s health reform plan, whatever the heck it actually is

The American Medical Assn[2]., after 60 years of opposing any government overhaul of healthcare, is now lobbying and advertising to win public support for President Obama’s sweeping plan — a proposal that promises hundreds of billions of dollars for America’s doctors.

Of all the interest groups that have won favorable terms in closed-door negotiations this year, the association representing the nation’s physicians may have taken home the biggest prizes, including an agreement to stop planned cuts in Medicare payments that are worth $228 billion to doctors over 10 years.

So, it appears that President Obama’s plan, whatever the heck it is, still waiting for even a rough outline after his Wednesday campaign speech, is going to be some sort of political bribe to the AMA. Good to know.

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