Man Self-Identifies as Hen

by Dave Blount | March 30, 2017 4:07 pm

Self-identifying as the opposite sex or some other race no longer pushes the envelope. France now boasts a grown man who for the next few weeks self-identifies as a hen:

Abraham Poincheval aims to become a “human hen” by sitting and laying on [a dozen] eggs inside a glass vitrine at a Paris modern art museum until the chicks emerge.

The performance, called “Egg”, could last three to four weeks, with the artist getting only a half-hour break every 24 hours to keep him from cracking.

It’s a little late to keep this kook from cracking. The problem could be genetic.

[His father] revealed that when Poincheval was a child he had a pet chicken, and promised that any “hen-men and hen-women” his son brings into the world will be allowed to live out their natural lives on his smallholding in the west of France.

“I have prepared everything to welcome the chicks including a luxury chicken coop. I can assure you that they will never be the centrepiece of a grand feast,” said Christian Poincheval, an inventor best known for pills that make flatulence smell of roses and even chocolate.

Mike Rowe should have volunteered as his lab assistant for Dirty Jobs. Jobs don’t come much dirtier than sniffing a cheese-eater’s farts to determine whether they smell like roses.

Yet none of that is as crazy as believing that watching some guy sit on eggs constitutes art appreciation.

The French are still finding for new ways to avoid making art that requires talent.

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