Judge TEARS Into Mother Of 16, A Welfare Queen Who Says: “Somebody Needs To Pay For ALL My Children” [VIDEO]

Judge TEARS Into Mother Of 16, A Welfare Queen Who Says: “Somebody Needs To Pay For ALL My Children” [VIDEO]

This story disgusts me. What kind of person goes out and has 16 children from three different fathers and then demands that the government pay for her and her family? For everything from rent, to furniture, to clothing, to utilities, to food… this woman said someone must pay for all of it and the state and others stepped in and did cover it. For a time. I don’t think this woman works and when one of the three daddies was busted for cocaine, that was when she made her entitlement statements. Angel Yulee Adams lives in Florida and Hillsborough Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan has had more than enough of her Welfare Queen ways.

The judge told this woman she should be grateful for what she has received and stop demanding that others pay for her way of life. Adams has received thousands and thousands of dollars of help and welfare and it is still not enough according to her. “A lot of people have gone way extra miles for you,” Sheehan said. “Do you understand that?” Oh, I’m sure she does and doesn’t care. She feels entitled, but there is a glimmer of guilt there. She couldn’t face the judge. I feel sorry for those children and in reality, they should be taken from this woman. She’s not fit to be a parent… she shows no responsibility whatsoever.


From US Chronicle:

Remember the Floridian, Angel Yulee Adams? The woman who became infamous after appearing on the news claiming that “Somebody,” needs to take responsibility for all of her 15 children, and all of her suffering. Somebody needs to pay!

Adams believes that her “suffering” began when one of the three fathers of her children was sent to prison on cocaine charges. She was then facing the prospect of eviction for not paying rent.

Well somebody did in fact pay, and it turned out to be the American taxpayer. State services stepped in to give Adams a rent free home, furniture, clothing, and food for herself, and her 15 kids. Correction: since the controversy began, Adams has had an additional child, so her tally is now at 16 children. Sheehan has cost local agencies and taxpayers thousands upon thousands of dollars, and she seems completely oblivious to the notion of personal responsibility.

Angel Adams only responded with a, “No comment, Your Honor,” while looking away from the judge. Sheehan then said, “Reach out your hand to these people instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth and asking for more, more, more.” That will never happen. This woman will now insist on being right and has declared herself a professional victim.

Adams has received national attention and has become the face of the Welfare State and why it is broken. This woman has more and more children when she can’t provide for the ones she has. She obviously doesn’t care about birth control or consequences. Not for herself and certainly not for her children. The math and logic in her head go… have more kids, get more money. It’s criminal. She should pay for her own family… no one minds helping someone down on their luck. But when they professionally go on welfare and just have child after child to game the system more, that ticks people off.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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