A 6-year-old Albino Boy Had His Hand Hacked Off By His FATHER So it Could Be Sold to a Witch Doctor

A 6-year-old Albino Boy Had His Hand Hacked Off By His FATHER So it Could Be Sold to a Witch Doctor

Just when I think the world has reached its limit with how screwed up it can be, something like this comes along. This story broke my heart at first, but the more I read the happier I became.


From The Daily Mail:

Baraka is one of the hundreds of Tanzanians born each year with albinism, a condition where little or no melanin pigment is present in the body, and has two sisters with the same condition.

But those born in the African country live in constant fear of attack, with body parts taken from albino people commanding high prices as quack ‘cures’ for a range of ailments.

As a result, scores are murdered each year, while others are mutilated in horrific attacks that usually leave them without hands or arms.

Others are kidnapped and used as ‘living donors’ by their captors, who hack off body parts to be used on demand.

Fear of being hunted has resulted in many albinos being forced to live in protected accommodation and, according to a UN report, many have to contend with being shunned by their families.

‘It is a big problem in Tanzania because many people do believe that using a body part of a person with albinism will bring you luck,’ says Ms Mulungi.

‘Witch doctors say they can bring you wealth, a position in government, success in business and much more.’

In Baraka’s case, his injuries came about after a 17-strong gang led by his father, Cosmas Rusambo, and his uncle cornered the child and chopped off his hand with a machete.

His lower leg was also badly injured in the attack but doctors were able to save it.

The part was then sold on the open market for $5,000 – a huge sum in a country where the average wage is a meager $10 a week.

Despite his appalling injuries, six-year-old Baraka is ‘always smiling’ and, says Ms Mulungi, who works as a social welfare officer for Canadian charity Under The Same Sun, is ‘on a perpetual quest for love and affection from others’.

The little boy, whose home is now a heavily guarded safe house in Tanzania’s biggest city Dar-es-Salaam, was one of five brought to the US to be fitted with prosthetic limbs in June.

He was treated at Shriners Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia – free of charge – before being brought to a convalescent home run by the Global Medical Relief Fund in Staten Island.

In the four months he has been in the US, Baracka has enjoyed a trip to Times Square and been shown the sights of New York.

With his best friend, 11-year-old Mwigulu Matonange, he has also been treated to a day at the beach Рsomething he was never able to do in Tanzania for fear of attack.

But, touchingly, the little boy says the best thing he has done since reaching the US has been dancing with his friends.

So the next time you have a friend who says that America never does anything good overseas, remind them that a young albino boy in Tanzania now has a hand thanks to our charity.

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