THIS Country Is Set To Join France In Battle… ISIS Never Expected This To Happen

by McGuire | November 19, 2015 2:47 pm

Looks like France is getting an ally that not many would have expected – or much of the world, for that matter[1]:

ISIS flag[2]

It appears that the ISIS attacks on Paris — which closely followed a similar attack in Beirut and the terror group’s suspected bombing of a Russian civilian airliner — have resulted in a loud outcry around the world that even liberal governments cannot ignore. If the terrorists wanted to spark something deep within the collective consciousness of citizens across the globe, they just may have succeeded — but quite possibly it wasn’t the “something” the bloodthirsty barbarians intended.

Rather than fear and cowering, rage and resolve seem to be welling up within certain nations. While Russia has joined France in bombing the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria — and U.S. citizens demand that their leaders stop the inflow of Syrian refugees — another country may be joining in the military fight, one that the Islamic State did not expect.

Germany is considering greater military involvement in the international effort to knock down the growing ISIS threat, as the conservative base in the nation’s parliament urges Angela Merkel to take action, raising the prospect of intervention by the European Union’s biggest country.

Lawmaker Henning Otte, a defense policy specialist, said the government should deploy “all available means” to fight terrorism and should study how the military can join in the effort. Jürgen Hardt, the party’s parliamentary expert on foreign-policy issues, said Germany should participate in military operations against Islamic State if carried out by a broader coalition. Stated Hardt:

“If there is a new a joint effort under the umbrella of the United Nations that includes both Russia and the Western world, Germany should make a substantial contribution to this international coalition, and not just in the diplomatic and economic spheres, but also in the military sphere.”

The German Luftwaffe has three squadrons of advanced Eurofighter Tyhpoon jets as well as two Tornado squadrons. While Germany has already been providing arms and training to Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, direct military intervention against ISIS would be a radical change from the country’s typical pacifist policy towards foreign affairs.

Merkel has been involved in high-level talks with political leaders from the other G20 states in Turkey to discuss the prospect of a wide-ranging international coalition against ISIS. As France and Russia bombard Raqqa, Vladimir Putin has vowed a global effort to track down the terrorists responsible for the bombing of the Metrojet Airbus A321, which killed all 224 aboard.

While this alliance may come as a surprise to some, pretty much any way that we can take out ISIS is a good one. We should all be supporting this effort to wipe out an evil group of terrorists.

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