Can Feminism Be Saved From Feminists?

Over at Reclusive Leftist, via Instapundit, the author goes after the women of Feministing for their repetition of the false Sarah Palin is against rape-kits charge:

No shame. No shame at all.

You know, I would really like to just ignore these woman-hating hypocritical Third Wave “feminists” who made such a g*ddamn mess last year. I never want to mention them or deal with them at all. I’m glad they want to be feminists, and hey, maybe someday they’ll realize what complete and total f*ck-ups they are. Power to ’em. But jesus f*cking christ, when they start in again with rape kit thing, helping to perpetuate one of the most cynical of smears (from a campaign that was chock-fucking-full of cynical smears), it’s too g**damn much.

The problem for the feminists is that the brand is ruined beyond recognition. When people think feminists they think man-hating, abortion-loving, children-resenting, big-mouthed butch lesbians.

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So, for women who feel pro-woman, who believe in equal pay for equal work, who don’t feel defined or limited by a functioning uterus, who happen to believe that abortion is wrong because it violates the civil rights of the unborn statistically half of them women, and who really dig men, feminism just doesn’t fit.

And then, when women who look, work and believe like Sarah Palin are savaged by other women because she is different ideologically, women are further turned off by feminism. Feminism has become exactly what feminist women despise: an organization that discriminates based on gender and thinking the “wrong” thoughts.

Further, when women see the Feminists defend David Letterman for making jokes that would get his ass kicked by the father of the 14 year old WOMAN if he said it in a bar, while leading the charge against Imus for making a less degrading comment (Both were degrading and wrong, but the women basketball players were at least grown women. Sheesh!) reveals their bias.

The fact is, most feminists didn’t mind the sexism aimed at Sarah Palin during the campaign. If it shut her up, well, all to the good. Sexism was just one of the many tools to get someone who disagreed with them to be quiet. Irony was lost on them. The fact that their actions hurt women, and continue to do so, seems to be lost on these “feminist” women.

There are some on the right who believe that feminism, the term and the movement, can be rescued from the feminists who now own it. Personally, I think it’s impossible. And really, I’m not sure I want the word even if could be redeemed.


Cynthia Yockey, whom I met and spoke with at CPAC, says this about her feminist experience:

Like Michelle Malkin, I know what is it like to get beaten up and run out of town by totalitarian feminists because that’s what happened when my late life partner and I conducted a six-year campaign in the 1990’s to get a group LED BY THE TOP LESBIANS IN THE DISABILITY RIGHTS MOVEMENT in Washington, D.C., to make good on their pledges to choose wheelchair-accessible meeting venues. I fell in love with Michelle Malkin for her column on the “Sisterhood of the Protected Female Liberal Journalists” because she made sense of what had happened to me on a much smaller scale so that for the first time I could understand why I had been shellacked, abandoned by almost everyone I thought would have my back and driven out of the lesbian community.

Not only are there right and wrong women. There are right and wrong feminist lesbian women. The tent sure is tiny.

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