Do You Really Do This Full-Time?: I’ve been full time since early 2005.

Can I get my work published on Right Wing News?: Yes, we do have a number of bloggers and columnists that cross-post on RWN. I would need to see samples of your work first though.

If I Send You An Email Will It Be Published?: Although I only publish only a very small percentage of the emails that I receive, I reserve the right to publish any email sent to me.

Can I Send You A Free Copy Of My Book?: Yes, but do keep in mind that I usually go through about a book every 2 weeks and I have a rather large backlog of reading material I’m already trying to finish up. So even if you send me your book, it will probably be awhile before I get a chance to read it. Furthermore, do keep in mind that I only do very short book reviews, of 5-10 books at a time, once every few months.

Can I Use Your Material?: If there is a particular RWN piece you want to use, email me and ask permission. As a general rule, I’ll say, “yes.”

Can I Buy Advertising On RWN? Yes, you can. Click here for details.

Can You Do A Speech At My Event, School, Etc? Yes. Typically, I charge $1000 plus travel expenses (Plane tickets, hotel room, food, etc). If you’re interested, click here.

Didn’t You Consult For Duncan Hunter’s Presidential Campaign?: I spent six months helping the Hunter campaign get out their message in the blogosphere. You can read more about that here.

Do you do any other consulting work? Yes, I’ve done some projects for the David All Group including freelance writing for DAG and its clients unrelated to the content produced on this blog. I’ve also worked with USIIA on net neutrality and the Google/Verizon agreement. In addition I’ve worked with Americans for Job Security on behalf of Hawker Beechcraft.

Did You Have Something To Do With The First Big Fund Raising Effort On The Right Side Of The Blogosphere?:

Yes. During the 2006 election cycle, I created a led a group of bloggers called Rightroots. We raised almost $300,000 for conservative candidates in about 3 months. In 2008, I was on the board of another group, Slatecard, and we topped $600,000 in 2008. I was also one of the founders of the Raising Red group, but left the group in November of 2011.

Are There Any Rules About Posting Comments?: Yes, please don’t flame excessively, use an exceptional amount of vulgar language, call anyone a “towelhead,” “raghead,” or “wetback,” continually post off topic material, spam, use racial or gay slurs, libel anyone, troll, make threats, or challenge anyone to fight.

In short, don’t be a jerk.

If that won’t work for you, I’ll delete your posts and ban your IP. If you were doing something mentioned above and you are banned, please don’t try to get around the ban. Do everybody involved a favor and find somewhere else to post where they appreciate what you have to say.

Why Haven’t You Answered My Email?: Unfortunately, I get hundreds of emails every day and don’t have the time to respond to all of it.

Do You Have An RSS feed? Yes, it’s at My personal RSS feed is at

How Can I Contact You?: Email me at johnhawkins|nospam| (take out the |nospam|).