Weblog Awards 2008

The 2008 Weblog Awards

Hey, here’s some of my recommendations for voting at Weblog Awards. I didn’t pick something for every category. If I don’t know the blog, I’m not pretendin’. Anyway, this post turned out to be a pain in my arse. The fact is, there are some categories, mine for example, that are crammed with great writers. In Best Individual Category (mine), two of my favorite writers are there: Rachel Lucas (best writer on the web, bar none), The Anchoress (best philosophical voice on the web, bar none), and James Lileks (who was not nominated but who writes like a pro–wait a minute…..he IS a pro). And then, in the best Big Blog Category, I couldn’t very well vote for my co-blogger’s competition, but Jeff Goldstein’s Protein Wisdom has been my source for erudite criticism since the beginning.

It was a little disturbing how many blogs I did know. Gah! I’ve spent a lot of time reading. No wonder I need freaking glasses. The LED light, I be blinded.

Oh, here’s the deal: you can vote once every 24 hours. The link is HERE. I know that you’re all lazy fussy-pants, but I’m not putting a link in for every category. Go to the main one and vote in the categories you like. Mostly, I think you should be reading these blogs.

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet

Best Blog: HotAir

Best Humor: Mother May I Sleep With Treacher?

Best Comic Strip: Day By Day

Best Conservative Blog: Ace

Best Political Coverage: Townhall

Best Celebrity Blogger: Will Wheaton

Best Tech Blog: TechCrunch

Best Military Blog: Blackfive (Michael Yon is a Reporter. He’s an awesome writer and belongs in a different category.)

Best Law Blog: Volokh Conspiracy

Best Business Blog: Seth’s Blog

Best LGBT: Gay Patriot

Best Pet Blog: F*** You Penguin!

Best Culture Blog: Art of Manliness

Best Book Blog: Neil Gaimon has a blog? Who knew?

Best Fashion Blog: Manolo’s Shoe Blog

Best Canadian Blog: Five Feet Of Fury

Best Euro Blog: Wind Rose Hotel

Best Australian Blog: Tim Blair

Best Major Blog: Instapundit

Best Very Large Blog: Right Wing News (Duh!)

Best Midsize Blog: Betsy’s Page

Best Small Blog: Pirate’s Cove

Best Up and Coming: Sundries Shack

Remember, vote for me here. Thanks!

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