Tea Party Breaks Out in San Francisco

Of all the preposterous claims made by Obamunists before the cataclysm that befell us last November, the one surest to draw bitter laughter from those who knew better was the promise that this megalomaniacal Marxist would unite us. Yet amazingly enough, that’s the one promise he may fulfill. Just as all patriotic Americans loathe what he has been doing to this country, moonbats fume that he hasn’t burned it down quickly enough. Despite the MSM and the shrinking few who take its viewpoint seriously, we’re becoming united in opposition to this tragic farce of a presidency — as evidenced by the angry crowd of over 1,000 protestors who turned out to greet Chairman Zero’s DNC fundraising mission in San Francisco last week. Still more amazing than seeing San Fransicko streets choked with Tea Party patriots was the sight of the most rabid moonbats sharing the same object of ire — even if for totally different reasons. A few samples from Zombie’s excellent coverage:

Patriots are everywhere, even the Bay Area.

Not even Obama is nutty enough for some.

I’m sure he’ll find out soon.

Surrender to Castro now!

Still guffawing over the Nobel farce.

Why has the internal combustion engine still not been banned?

If freedom falls here, there will be nowhere to run.

They’re still out there.


More right than he knew, as we’re learning.


The evils of America make a moonbat burst into tears.


A lucrative career endorsing products awaits The One.

Only in the magic era of Hopey Change could patriots and moonbats agree: the American people were sold a bill of goods.

On a tip from J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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