The 5 Worst Illegal Immigration Arguments

The 5 Worst Illegal Immigration Arguments

1. We’re splitting up children from their parents!

Are you an American citizen? Well, if you commit a serious crime tomorrow, you will be separated from your children. Try taking your kid with you to commit a bank robbery and see how far you get arguing that you should be able to take junior with you to Leavenworth. Speaking of which, what kind of idiots want to put 10-year-olds in detention centers with their parents and any random person we catch on the border? It’s a stupid idea that people push so they can virtue signal. “Oh, I’m such a good person and I really care about the children! That’s why I want little Sally locked up with the nice guy we caught on the border, the one with the nasty disposition and face tattoos.” It’s not as if ICE is roaming through Mexico kidnapping children or anything. All you have to do to avoid being split up from your children is the same thing Americans have to do: Obey the law.

2. We must allow people into America because they’re REFUGEES

“Oh, but these illegals should be allowed into America because of… domestic violence/MS-13/drug cartels/anti-gay attitudes/violence….” Here’s an alternate idea: It’s not our problem. MS-13 or a drug cartel is threatening you in your home country? That sounds like something for the government of YOUR COUNTRY to deal with. Only about 40 percent of the world lives in a democracy and roughly 80 percent of the world lives on less than $10 a day. Start adding in war, crime, backward attitudes and the other sundry problems afflicting much of humanity and the number of people who clearly would be better off here than where they live would extend to what? 3 billion? 4 billion? 5 billion? More? I’m sure there are many people who love virtue signaling so much that they’d love to let all those people come here, but there wouldn’t be anything worth calling America left when they were done.

3. But, but, but, the STATUE OF LIBERTY

The Statue of Liberty says “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” That means we have to take unlimited numbers of illegal aliens… or something. It’s hard to understand the logic of this kind of thinking because a statue is not an immigration policy. Nor does it have any bearing on whether we take in legal or illegal immigrants, how many we take in or what conditions we put in place to allow immigration here. The whole idea that we have to take anybody who sneaks into our country instead of setting up a rational policy and following it because of poetic language on a statue is completely insane.

4. We have no right to stop illegal immigrants from coming here since we took this land from the Indians

Do people who make this ridiculous argument realize that there’s not a square inch of land on the entire planet that wasn’t taken from one group or another at some point in time? Do they realize that the “Indians” were not one happy, homogenous group that had been there since the beginning of time? We don’t know exactly where the Indian tribes came from, but it is generally believed that they migrated to North America from Asia. Did they show up and take land from the people that were already there? Yes, probably and even if they didn’t do that, they certainly violently took land from each other on a regular basis. Americans have no more reason to feel guilty about taking land from the Indians than they did for taking land from each other. That has been the way of the world since the beginning of time and it has absolutely nothing to do with what America’s immigration policy should be.

5. Republicans can allow massive numbers of illegal immigrants and covert them to Republicans

One of the most bizarre arguments that you hear on a regular basis from amnesty-loving Republicans is that embracing illegal immigration will BENEFIT Republicans. This makes no sense whatsoever given that Reagan (37 percent of the Hispanic vote) already agreed to an amnesty in 1986 and then when George Bush won in a landslide in 1988, he received 30 percent of the Hispanic vote (Trump got 29 percent). Well wait, what about the most pro-amnesty Republican alive, “Amnesty” John McCain? He did great with Hispanic voters, right? No, he only got 32 percent of the Hispanic vote. So, when you start talking about bringing in millions and millions of Hispanic voters (and new Hispanic immigrants lean even more heavily Democrat than ones who have been here for a while), what you’re really doing is massively tilting the electoral battlefield toward the Left. Why do you think Democrats are so rabidly against any type of border security and so adamant that illegals should be rewarded for breaking the law with American citizenship? It’s because they quite correctly looked at states like California, saw what massively increasing the number of Hispanic voters achieved for them there (from Governor Reagan to a deep blue state) and want to do the same thing for the rest of the country. Can you imagine Democrats supporting an immigration program that brings in heavily Republican blocs of voters with the assumption that somehow, some way they will turn them into liberals down the road? Of course not, because despite their many, many flaws, Democrats are not that stupid. Sadly, many amnesty-loving Republicans are.

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