The Nominees For The The 11th Annual Blogger Awards (Sponsored by Right Wing News & at CPAC 2013

by John Hawkins | February 26, 2013 12:10 am

Last year at CPAC[1], Right Wing News and[2] hosted blogger awards. This year, we’re doing the awards again.

The nominees for each category are listed below and, with two noted exceptions, the winners will be selected by their fellow bloggers. On Friday, March 15th at 11 AM at CPAC, we’ll have big name conservatives handing out trophies to the winners.

Here are the nominees in each category.

1) Best Humor Blog

DC Trawler with Jim Treacher[3]
I Own The World[5]
Liberal Logic[6]
Naked D.C.[7]
The People’s Cube[8]

2) Best Kept Secret Blog

Bookworm Room[9]
Rachel Lucas[10]
The Jawa Report[11]
Lonely Conservative[12]
Pirate’s Cove[13]

3) Best Video Blogger

Julie Borowski[15]
Steven Crowder[16]
Lee Doren[17]
Kira Davis[19]
Alonzo Rachel[21]

4) Best News Blog

Gateway Pundit[23]
The RightScoop[25]
Weasel Zippers[27]

5) Lifetime Achievement Award For A Conservative Blog

Atlas Shrugs[28]
The Corner[29]
Michelle Malkin[31]
Power Line[32]

6) Tea Party Blogger Of The Year (Selected by the Tea

7) Blog Of The Year

Ace of Spades HQ[34]
The Campaign Spot[35]
Hot Air[36]
Legal Insurrection[37]
The Other McCain[38]

8) The People’s Choice Award (The voting on this category will begin later today on[39] and will last through Friday at midnight. The winner will get special linkage at the top of TPNN’s newly designed website that will be released later this week. The winner will also get 5 consecutive days of links at Linkiest[40] next week and of course, the winner will also receive a trophy at CPAC).

Doug Ross[42]
The Foundry[43]
Fire Andrea Mitchell[44]
Jammie Wearing Fools[45]
Jihad Watch[46]
The Mellow Jihadi[47]
Misfit Politics[48]
Nice Deb[50]
Patterico’s Pontifications[51]
Protein Wisdom[53]
The Shark Tank[54]
Sweetness & Light[55]

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