2nd Suspect Sought in Tucson Shooting – No Proof of Political Motive

by Jane Jamison | January 8, 2011 10:21 pm

More proof the young gun was simply mentally unstable, not politically motivated
Liberal media ( such as Daily Kos) : and Democrat sheriff smear tea party, Palin and conservatives
A 22 year old man is in custody in Tucson, Arizona after shooting as many as 19 people at a Safeway store meeting: Saturday morning.:  A federal judge, a 9 year old girl and: 4 others are dead, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) is in critical condition following surgery for a shot to her temple that went through her brain. At a news conference Saturday night, the local sheriff says another man is being sought.


Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik says there is a photograph of the suspect arriving before the shooting with another man, who is “in his 50s.” This is the first indication that the shooter may have not acted alone. Dupnik would say only the person is wanted for questioning, is a “person of interest.”

There is also a report that a suspicious package[2] had been delivered to the congresswoman’s office today.

The suspect, 22-year old Jared Lee Loughner, had posted a final note on MySpace (which has now been removed) and long, rambling, bizarre videos on his YouTube account. The videos, his picture and writings, plus comments from his high school friend who says he was an alcoholic and “very left-wing” can be seen here.[3]

Sheriff Dupnik generalized during his news conference that the shooting may have been politically motivated. This is a “stretch” into the “political realm” which is inappropriate on the sheriff’s part, and feeds into the polarization of the parties.

Archives show Sheriff Dupnik is a Democrat who refused to enforce Arizona’s new immigration law[4] last year when it was passed by his state legislature. He is clearly on the open-borders “left” in Arizona and out of step with the voters in his area who approved the law for: enforcement of immigration laws.: 

Though he clearly was upset because of the Congresswoman and the: slain : judge were his friends, he has no business presuming that the shooting was political, when the suspect’s many postings , statements and videos show him to be mentally-unbalanced and not particularly political at all.

“All I can tell you is that this individual may have a mental issue, and that people who are unbalanced are especially susceptible to vitriol,” said Dupnik.


Dupnik described the tragic event as a day of “personal sadness for all of us in the room.” He went on to say he “hoped all Americans are as saddened and as shocked as we are. I hope that most of them are as angry as I am. I think it’s time as a country that we do a little soul searching. Because the vitriolic rhetoric that we hear from people in the radio business and from some of those in the TV business…this is not the nice United States that we grew up with.”

Dupnik went on to say that “pretty soon we are not going to be able to find willing decent people to subject themselves, to serve in public office.”


Loughner was a musician in junior and senior high — a friend from then calls him “left-wing”

Shooting suspect Jared Loughner as posted some bizarre videos on his YouTube channel[6]. The most controversial video shows someone in a mask lighting an American flag on fire. It’s titled “America: your last memory in a terrorist country”.

On December 15, 2010, Loughner posted another video online. He writes:

“My favorite activity is conscience dreaming”

“Firstly, the current government officials are in power for their currency, but I’m informing you for your new currency”.

“My hope is for you to be literate. If you’re literate in English grammar then you comprehend English grammar. The majority of people who reside in District 8 are illiterate. Hilarious.”

“If I have my civil rights then this message wouldn’t have to happen.”

“In conclusion, my ambition is for informing literate dreamers about a new currency… in a few days, you’ll know I’m conscience dreaming.”

At this point, no official word on Loughner’s motives have been released. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik told reporters at a news conference Saturday night that Loughner has a criminal history and that campus officials at Pima Community College had difficulties with him on campus.

What appears to be Loughner’s myspace page was captured by website Good Politics before it was deleted. In one of the last messages left this morning, he wrote “Goodbye friends. Please don’t be mad at me. The literacy rate is below 5%. I haven’t talked to one person who is literate. I want to make it out alive. The longest war in the history of the United States. Goodbye. I’m saddened with the current currency and job employment. I had a bully at school. Thank you. P.S. –plead the fifth!”

Loughner went to Tortolita Middle School in Marana. A district spokesperson says that Loughner spent his freshman through junior years at Mountain View High School. Then, he withdrew from school before his senior year. Loughner says online that he’s a student at Pima Community College and that he’s a military recruit for the Army in Phoenix.:  Though there have been reports he has served in the military in Afghanistan, that has not been documented anywhere.

According to online court records, Loughner went to court in 2007 for possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

For my earlier coverage on the shooting,:  liberal media attacks blaming the tea party for the shooting, the shooter’s videos, and high school friends’ twitter comments about Loughner being “left wing” and troubled, CLICK HERE to UNCOVERAGE.net.[7]

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