Good Samaritan Dad Shot Three Times in Front of His Wife and Young Children by Robbers Who Knocked Their Door Asking For Help

Good Samaritan Dad Shot Three Times in Front of His Wife and Young Children by Robbers Who Knocked Their Door Asking For Help

We’re told to do what we can to help others and be a good person, but sometimes, that can backfire. When one husband and father tried to be a good Samaritan, that kindness was rewarded in the worst possible way.

mike whitney lash

An Atlanta couple have told of the terrifying moment four men pretending to have had car troubles burst into their home and robbed them at gunpoint, shooting the father-of-two in front of his children.

Mike and Whitney Lash had just returned to their house with their two young children on August 16 when the men knocked on their door.

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Mr Lash answered the door, and the men said they had just moved down the street but had a flat tire and wanted to borrow a jack, but Mrs Lash felt something was amiss from the start.

‘I had a feeling that it was an excuse and we were about to be robbed. Right about that moment I saw them pull the gun on Mike,’ she told ABC News.

As Mr Lash saw the gun, he tried to slam the door shut, but two other men suddenly appeared.

Mr Lash was shot three times in the his right leg as he attempted to keep the men out of his house.
The four men then forced their way in.

Mr Lash believed the gang were going to kill him and started praying.

‘Lord, this is, I guess, the moment I will meet you today … if it is not your will, I am ready to stay,’ he recalled.

Mrs Lash grabbed the couple’s six-month-old daughter, Lucy, and the phone and ran into the yard calling 911.
Their other child, two-year-old Everson, was upstairs sleeping.

‘I heard footsteps of someone running and two more shots that were aimed at me and my daughter,’ Mrs Lash told ABC.

The intruder then caught up to her and the child and brought them back into the house.

The four men detained the family and proceeded to steal items from the house.

‘It just went like a silent movie,’ Mr Lash recalled.

‘They started walking in and I remember them coming in and out multiple times, just bringing stuff from our house.’

The gang eventually left with the loot.

Mrs Lash and the children were not harmed, and Mr Lash was rushed to hospital to remove the bullets from his leg.

This family is lucky that he wasn’t more seriously injured. It’s sad that this man’s attempts to help people were met with such violence.

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