[Video] SICK: South Dakota Man accused of the rape and murder of a 6 month-old girl

[Video] SICK: South Dakota Man accused of the rape and murder of a 6 month-old girl

A 26 year-old man was babysitting the six month-old little girl of a friend. He then decides to shake the baby and beat her, then he rapes her. The infant did not survive the assault. What kind of monster does this? It’s unfathomable. Unconscionable. The little one died from a brain bleed after blunt force trauma, but the rape could have just as easily killed her. South Dakota has the death penalty and it should be exercised expeditiously against this monster. You don’t come back from this, ever. He knew what he did was wrong and went to the hospital with the baby. But it was way too late.

L’Naya Love White

L’Naya Love White

From Three Percent Nation:

Kristopher Houchin, 26, of South Dakota, stands accused of the rape and murder of a 6-month-old L’Naya Love White.

Capt. James Johns of the Rapid City Police Department says that Houchin had been babysitting the 6-month-old on Friday morning in the 800 block of Willsie Avenue. Houchin is a close friend of the infant’s mother, reports KDIT TV.

L’Naya was taken to Rapid City Regional Hospital on June 26 by Houchin and other caregivers. The Rapid City Police Department was notified the infant had died around 12:15 p.m.

Official’s state that a preliminary autopsy indicates that L’Naya suffered a brain bleed that was result of blunt force trauma. Officials state that L’Naya also suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is an injury to infants caused by the child being shaken repeatedly and violently. The violent shaking can result in detached retinas leading to blindness, swelling of the brain, internal bleeding, retardation, and even death. Shaken Baby Syndrome can happen to children up to 5-years-old. Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome include uncontrollable crying, sudden change in sleeping patterns, vomiting, irritability, convulsions or seizures, and the inability to nurse or eat.

Authorities state that the investigation is still ongoing. They are looking into the events that took place prior to the L’Naya’s arrival at the hospital. Johns stated that it is a “fair assumption” that the rape and abuse happened “within a short period.” L’Naya’s mother was not in the home at the time of the incident.

Authorities were unaware of the situation until they were contacted by officials at the Regional Hospital, reports HLN TV.

At this time, investigators say that it is unknown if drugs or alcohol were involved.

Johns states that when authorities arrived at the hospital, Houchin was still there.

I’m betting drugs AND alcohol were involved, but any excuse will do. Next up is trotting out the mental instability defense. How about just plain evil? Someone like this should just be executed and fast. I can’t believe the incredibly monstrous acts going on around us more and more these days. It’s like walking into a horror plot and not being able to find a way out. There is an argument here for public executions to send a message to scum like this that they will be dealt with mercilessly and harshly. Something like this just tears at your soul – if there was ever a case that screamed for real justice, this is it. Raping and murdering a baby is right up there at the top of heinous acts.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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