Surprised Cat in VIDEO gets an octopus clamped to its face after trying to snatch it from a paddling pool and eat it

They’re probably keeping the octopi in the pool to raise for dinner. Poor cat… he was just hungry. Boy, did he get a face full. Undeterred, he went in for the kill and dinner until some guy angrily stepped in and smacked him. No takoyaki for you! Seriously, I can see why the cat freaked out when the octopus latched all its legs on his face. Lucky for him, it let go. One saved octopus… for now.

From the Daily Mail:

This curious cat bit off more legs than it could chew when it tried to catch an octopus for dinner.

The tentacle-clad creatures were being kept in a paddling pool when the inquisitive moggy went for a closer look.

As it fished out the salty snack, the octopus hit back, wrapping its eight arms around the cat’s face.

The scaredy cat backs away, not knowing how to shake the pesky creature off its head.

After a lengthy protest, the marine animal eventually loses its grip and drops off.

Undeterred, the feline goes in for another bite of the octopus while it lies on the floor.

But before it can do any real damage, an onlooker steps in and saves its life. For now at least.

The least the guy could do is give the hungry feline something to eat now that he took his catch away. I personally do not like octopus or squid. But if you are going to leave them out where they can be a meal for a cat, well… the cat has my vote. He tried to get in one last bite of tentacle and got smacked for it. Sigh. There’s just no justice in the world when you are a hungry hunter.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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